Our National Patron – Jackie French


It is with much pleasure that we can inform you all that Jackie French has agreed to become the National Patron for Book Links.  To celebrate this news we have teamed up with one of our Book Shop supporters, Riverbend Books to offer you the chance to meet Jackie up close.  Come along on Monday the 30th of May at 6pm as Jackie explains why governments ignore the Power of Story at their peril.  Jackie is an award-winning Australian author who has written over 140 books and has won more than 60 national and international awards.

Venue: Riverbend Books, Bulimba | Cost: $7 per head | Bookings: http://bit.ly/1VhD6lV

Stories change the world – Jackie French

“The story of one refugee child  will find its way to hearts and government policies where no amount of statistics  have any effect.

Humans are the story telling species.  If you want  adults with empathy, give our children stories, because with every story they become each character. 

If you want  intelligent adults, give our children stories, because each story increase the neurons in a child’s brain. If you want creative adults who can mine the asteroids or find   three million ways to cope with drought, pollution or global warming, give them stories now.

If you want kids to read, no matter how difficult it is to learn, give them books that are so fascinating they cannot bear to put them down.

Blessed are the book givers, because they make our future good.  

Joining with other book givers like Book Links gives us the support, laughter, insight and strength for one of the most important missions of humanity: to give our children stories, and to make those stories good. ” 

Check out Jackie’s website Jackie’s Website.

Jackie French – Travelling Suitcase

Book Links’ Travelling Suitcases are filled with interesting and curious keepsakes from five of Queensland’s top children’s book authors and illustrators as well as a new case for Australian Children’s Laureate Jackie French. They include their books; edited manuscripts and a DVD of the artists at works.  Activities to use in the classroom and in public libraries are included to extend Literature and Arts learning.  The Travelling Suitcases will be of particular use to regional, rural and remote schools, and public libraries who have limited or no access to visiting authors and illustrators.