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Book Links Event News for 2017! Renew your membership now to be a part of our stellar year to come!

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Happy New Year!  We hope you had a fantastic Festive Season with family and friends!

2017 is looking to be a stellar year for Book Links, our members, our friends, and children all over the place.  Read on to find out about some of our events and projects for the coming year!

And remember to renew your membership for 2017 HERE!

Romancing the Stars x 3

We are hosting three Romancing the Stars events this year!  Come and speed-date some of Australia’s best, and South East Queensland local, children’s and YA authors and illustrators to find out what they have been, and are, working on!

For information and booking details for the Brisbane Event, click HERE!

For information and booking details for the Gold Coast Event, click HERE!

For information and booking details for the Sunshine Coast Event, click HERE!

Write Links Writing Workshops

We have a full year booked for our Write Links Writing Workshops!  Including paid workshops with Richard Newsome, Kerry Brown, Deborah Abela, and Christine Bongers.  For a full list of all the Workshops for 2017, click HERE!

Narelle Oliver Lecture

Libby Gleeson will be presenting the Narelle Oliver Lecture in Children’s Literature in June, watch our social media and website for more details.

StoryArts Festival Ipswich – Narelle Oliver Exhibition

We are honoured to announce that we will be presenting a comprehensive exhibition of the Late Narelle Oliver’s works in partnership with StoryArts Festival Ipswich.

Travelling Suitcases – DVD’s

We will also be beefing up our Travelling Suitcases to ensure that they are all utilised to their full potential, and we will also be offering DVD’s of all our featured authors and illustrators for sale, watch this space.

Australian Children’s Laureate Leigh Hobbs presents the Book Links Annual Lecture in Children’s Literature

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Australian Children’s Laureate Leigh Hobbs presented the 2016 Book Links Annual Lecture in Children’s Literature.  He spoke to the topic, ‘The mystery of Visual Literacy, and, why isn’t humour taken more seriously’.  The event was very well attended by Children’s Literature enthusiasts, Children’s authors, Children’s illustrators, teacher- librarians, and parents.  The VIP reception with Leigh, co-hosted by the Queensland Writers Centre, was a resounding success with many attendees reporting delightful and inspiring conversations with Leigh Hobbs.

Here are some key points from Leigh’s lecture:

Leigh began by telling us that he feels ‘a responsibility and protectiveness to his audience, children.’  He told the audience that theory is not his thing, but that he would speak to us from his experience as a secondary teacher,  a visiting presenter to several countries and his memories of his own childhood.  Leigh told us that he has always been obsessed with characters, and they form the basis of all his stories.  Leigh does not pretend to write in a child’s voice.  He writes with an adult voice and finds that kids relate well to his characters.  Leigh acknowledges how sensitive and trusting kids are, and how innately willing they are to engage in learning.  Leigh believes in kids’ logic, and explained that not everything needs to be explained to them.  Leigh explained that visual literacy is the beginning of literacy as kids learn to look before they can read.  He spoke about his characters Old Tom, Horrible Harriet, and Mr Chicken explaining that kids connect to relationships between characters that mean something to them.  Leigh works with three levels: first the words,  second images and  thirdly the contradiction between the words and image.  Often the image is doing something every different from the words.  Interpretation doesn’t have to be literal.  Leigh explained that that if kids like characters, and they’re well constructed, they will be gripped by them in a couple of pages and make a decision whether to keep going into their world.   He doesn’t write with ‘a message’, but rather with ‘real’ characters, experiencing loss, friendship and more .

The audience was thrilled by Leigh’s lecture, and also enjoyed the opportunity to try their hands at drawing Old Tom with some surprising results.  We are very grateful to Leigh for coming to Book Links – the Centre for Children’s Literature to present the Book Links Annual Lecture in Children’s Literature.  We are also very grateful to our audience for attending, for without them, this lecture series would simply not be as successful as it is.

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The 2016 Book Links Annual Lecture in Children’s Literature

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We are pleased to announce that the 2016 Book Links Lecture in Children’s Literature will be presented by the 2016-2017 Australian Children’s Laureate on Thursday, 23rd June.

The Book Links Lecture in Children’s Literature is designed to raise the profile and value of children’s literature and to stimulate discussion and disseminate the results of current research on children’s literature.

Seeking: Web Developer to help us develop our website to enable online donations, membership payments, sale of merchandise, and event bookings

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Book Links (QLD) Inc. is seeking a Web Developer to help us develop our website to enable online donations, membership payments, sale of merchandise, and event bookings.   Read below for all the details.  We have attached the PDF with the details below for your convenience. 

Please email us at if you would like to discuss this further.  Please feel free to pass this around your networks.

Book Links Qld Inc. is a small not-for-profit organisation registered as a charitable organisation and has DGR status.

Its main objectives are:

  • Establish and grow vibrant spaces (fixed and flexible places, and on line) to nurture communities where children and young adults are exposed to literature; stimulated to be imaginative and artistic; and where stories and their creators are valued.
  • Support networking, events, learning and an appreciation of story for children and young adults throughout the community.
  • Promote authors, illustrators and storytellers for children and young people.

We are seeking ways to increase membership, generate more income through sales of merchandise, and donations and improve bookings for events. Book Links Qld Inc. currently has a WordPress website using the domain

We are seeking a web developer of professional standard who would be willing to give their time to create an add-on to our site with the same look that addresses these issues.

What we need:

Event booking system with payment options where we can create and manage events ourselves as they arise. Allow files to be added with extra info e.g. maps, flyers etc., include anti-spam fields and form validation, data uploaded into a database, payments made via PayPal or EFT, receipts/tickets emailed.

Create a Donations page

Create an online shopping cart where we can add or edit products or membership options and include features such as custom postage per product, bulk postage discounts, anti-spam fields, email order forms and email receipts for customers.

Create two PayPal accounts with one going to tax deductable donations and one for the purchase of merchandise, memberships or event tickets.

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