Travelling Suitcases Application Form

Need to know what the Travelling Suitcases are?  Make sure you check out the Travelling Suitcases page to find out how your school or library will benefit from borrowing these brilliant resources.

Queensland schools and libraries are now invited to apply to borrow your choice of Book Links’ Travelling Suitcases.  You can read all about the suitcases on the website and the Projects page here on the blog.  In brief:

  • Travelling Suitcases are free to borrow, although each borrower is required to pay the ongoing freight to the next school or library
  • The loan period is approximately 5 weeks
  • Schools and libraries that are corporate members of Book Links will be given priority bookings

To apply:

  • Fill in the TS booking form 2014 nominating your choice of suitcase, the approximate month you’d like to borrow the suitcase, and your contact details
  • Email the completed form to

When finished:

To find out about The Travelling Suitcases DVD’s, click HERE

We are pleased to announce that we now have a number of Jackie French Travelling Suitcases, with an accompanying DVD, available across Australia.  To book a Case, just read the details below:

To borrow a case in Queensland visit:

To buy the DVD visit:
or order online

To borrow a case in other states and territories contact:

Local CBCA branches in ACT, NSW, NT, SA and VIC and The Literature Centre in WA

The project was funded by Arts Qld and the Ipswich District Teacher-Librarian Network.

For further information see Jenny Stubbs’ blog on the Arts Qld website: