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Write Links – Creating Kids’ Books

Write Links now has their own website check it out HERE.

Write Links was formed in 2013 in response to a need to encourage and assist writers embarking on writing for children that was identified by both SCBWI Queensland (a Chapter of the international Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and Book Links. It is administered by Book Links Queensland Inc..

Write Links is an organised support group for beginner and emerging children’s writers and writer/illustrators living in Brisbane and the surrounding area.

Members network, share information, motivate and cheer each other on in working towards achieving personal writing goals. Meetings consist of informal chats, sharing news and with varied additional activities, for example, talks on subjects such as ‘social media for authors’, ‘how to write the perfect pitch’ and ‘children’s book awards’; workshops;  and writing exercises with opportunities for sharing.

Write Links coordinates several critique groups: picture books, junior fiction and young adult fiction.

Our members may have many years of experience in writing for children or be just starting out. Members can be unpublished, published or self-published.

The group usually meets every first Saturday of the month at 1pm in the Queensland Writers Centre, at the State Library of Queensland – although the day, time or location may occasionally be changed.


The meetings are always held on a Saturday, and the dates will be:

  • Saturday 4 February – Getting Grants

Room  TBC  at 1pm
Attendees will be given an insight into the process of applying for a number of grants by multitple grant-winning authors Karen Tyrrell and Luise Manning.

  • Saturday 4 March – Book Links Writers Series – Richard Newsome – Character Development*

room TBC  at 12.30pm
In this workshop, Richard will take us through his award winning process of character development.

  • Saturday 1 April – Looking for an agent, querying, and pitching

room TBC at 1pm
Attendees will be taken through the process of looking for an agent, sending query letters, and pitching manuscripts by Write Links members Yvonne Mes, Peter Taylor, Rebecca Sheraton, and Alison Douglas-Stegert.

  • Saturday 6 May – Book Links Writers Series – Kerry Brown – Writing Picture Books*

room TBC at 12:30pm
Bestselling picture book creator Kerry Brown will guide us through her process of creation

  • Saturday 3 June – How to Run a Workshop for Kids

room TBC at 1pm
Charmaine Clancy and Karen Tyrrell will guide attendees through what it takes to run a writing workshop for kids

  • Saturday 8 July – Plotting Structures

Room TBC at 1pm
Young adult writer Tyrion Perkins will delve into the world of plotting structures

  • Saturday 5 August – Book Links Writers Series – Deb Abela – Junior Fiction*

room TBC at 12.30pm
Award-winning author Deb Abela will teach us all about writing captivating junior fiction stories

  • Saturday 26 August – Writing to the Curriculum

room TBC at 1pm
Write Links members, and highly qualified teachers, Hayley and Rebecca Sheraton will teach us about writing for the educational market, specifically to the National Curriculum

  • Saturday 7 October – Book Marketing – Press Releases

room TBC at 1pm
Prolifically published local author Charmaine Clancy will talk us through book marketing, focusing specifically on writing press releases

  • Saturday 4 November –Book Links Writers Series – Chris Bongers – TBC*

room TBC at 12.30pm
Award winning author Chris Bongers will present a much-coveted workshop on a topic to be advised

  • Saturday 2 December – Planning meeting for 2018

room TBC at 1pm

* This year is a little different to previous years in that we require you to book for these specific* presentations. Costs are $15.00 for Book Links members and $25.00 for non-members per session and can be booked through Trybooking via Book Links.

Facebook events are created roughly 2 weeks prior to each meeting on the Write Links Facebook group and will contain any last minute updates to times, venue or speaker. If you are not a member of the Write Links Facebook group you will need to request approval to be added.

If you have any question please email: brisbanewritelinks@gmail.com


To find out more, please email info@booklinks.org.au  , search for the Write Links – Creating Kids’ Books Group on Facebook, or go to the Write Links Website.