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Event Recordings


13 February – Book Links Children’s Choice Awards Summit YouTube Link (1 hour 13 mins) Listen to representatives from a number of children’s choice awards from Australia and Singapore tell you how they operate.


Australia Reads Events 1-12 November
View all the 2020 Australia Reads events here on YouTube.


17 October – Book Links AGM Guest Speaker Pauline McLeod The Children’s Book Industry and Covid-19 on (YouTube 59 mins)

20 August – Romancing the Stars – Sunshine Coast event (YouTube 1 hour 51 mins)

Presenters: Michelle Kadarusman (Zooming in from Toronto, Canada), Lisa Fuller (shortlisted for Ghost Bird and joining us from Canberra), Will Kostakis (dropping in from Sydney), Trent Jamieson, Richard Yaxley, Wenda Shurety and Pamela Rushby (all from Brisbane) will join local Sunshine Coast Stars Caroline Magerl, (shortlisted for Nop), Aleesah Darlison, (popular author of many books), Debbie Smith, (new PB author), Kay Kerr, (an exciting new YA author), Dave Hackett, (joining us from exile in France).

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