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The Travelling Suitcases DVDs

Where does Michael Gerard Bauer find the ideas for his books and how does walking kick-start his writing? Exactly how does Michael work with his editor on a manuscript?  Why does Michael buy highlighter pens so frequently?  Find out the answers and much more in the series of DVDs Book Links Qld Inc has produced for their Book Links Travelling Suitcases project. Five of Queensland’s award winning authors and illustrators were filmed in their own studios and workspaces and provide answers to many questions asked by emerging writers. An additional case has now been produced for Australian Children’s Laureate Jackie French.

School teachers and librarians will also be able to use the Travelling Suitcases project to teach children about the book creation process, and to inspire the next generation of children’s authors and illustrators.

A preview of the videos can be seen HERE.

You can buy a single DVD or the full set at discounted prices.

  • Jackie French, picture book, junior fiction, and YA fiction author.  2014 – 2015 Australian Children’s Laureate.  2015 Senior Australian of the Year.
  • Kerry Argent, illustrator
  • Narelle Oliver, author and illustrator
  • Gregory Rogers, illustrator
  • James Moloney, author
  • Michael Gerard Bauer, author of junior & YA fiction

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NOTE: Narelle Oliver and Jackie French can be supplied on usb.

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