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The Travelling Suitcases

Book Links’ Travelling Suitcases are filled with interesting and curious keepsakes from five of Queensland’s top children’s book authors and illustrators as well as a new case for Australian Children’s Laureate 2014-2015, Jackie French.

They include some of their books; edited manuscripts and a DVD of the creators at works.  Activities to use in the classroom and in public libraries are included to extend Literature and Arts learning.  The Travelling Suitcases will be of particular use to regional, rural and remote schools, and public libraries who have limited or no access to visiting authors and illustrators. They are free to borrow.

Jackie French case – sample of contents

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. The first 5 cases received financial support from the Children’s Book Council of Australia (Qld Branch) and the Jackie French case received financial support from
The Ipswich District Teacher-Librarian Network.

The featured artists and contents of each case are:

Jackie French – author of picture books, junior, and young adult novels, Australian Children’s Laureate 2014- 1015, and 2015 Senior Australian of the Year. Contents

Narelle Oliver – author and illustrator of picture books for all ages. Contents

Kerry Argent –  illustrator of picture books for young children. Contents

Gregory Rogers – author and illustrator of picture books for all ages. Contents

James Moloney – author of junior and young adult novels. Contents

Michael Gerard Bauer – author of junior and young adult novels. Contents

Check out this trailer of the Travelling Suitcases DVD’s

To find about The Travelling Suitcases DVDs click HERE

To buy the DVDs download the TS DVD order form

How the program works:

  • Each suitcase can be borrowed for 5 weeks.
  • It is free, but each borrower is required to pay the forwarding postage to the next borrower or the Book Links office.
  • Complete the Online Application Form for schools and libraries
  • After borrowing, fill out the feedback form and email to

To borrow Jackie French Travelling Suitcase for a Queensland, click here

To borrow a Jackie French case in other states and territories contact:

Local CBCA branches in ACT, NSW, NT, SA, WA and VIC

The project was funded by Arts Qld and the Ipswich District Teacher-Librarian Network.

For further information see Jenny Stubbs’ blog on the Arts Qld website:

“The Travelling Suitcase Wooloowin State School borrowed from Book Links provided a great stimulus for our focus on Australian author/illustrator, Gregory Rogers.  In our busy curriculum there are not always opportunities to do author/illustrator studies, so I have a corner in our library where I set up “Spotlight on…” displays for a number of weeks.  These displays are used to focus on and draw attention to a particular author and/or illustrator.  It is an opportunity to promote this author/illustrator’s work.  The Gregory Rogers Travelling Suitcase provided all manner of display signs, books, DVD and realia which enhanced the display greatly.  Once I had introduced the display to students, they were able to watch and ‘meet’ Greg Rogers via the DVD which was set up on a laptop for students to access before school and during lunch hours.  Students were able to read his books, play a game, leaf through display books containing copies of Greg Rogers’  rough drafts and storyboards and handle realia related to the craft of illustration.  Students enjoyed interacting with the display – it was something different.  Travelling Suitcases are a wonderful resource which are freely available to borrow (excluding postage costs) by all schools.  Teacher Librarians know that time is a precious commodity which few of us have much of, so when a resource like Travelling Suitcases comes along (where someone else has done all the hard work of collating all the items) , I can’t but highly recommend it to all libraries”.

Assunta Austin, Teacher Librarian, Wooloowin State School

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