Get ready for THE BIG READ!

 As part of National Year of Reading, Book Links Qld is holding The Big Read to celebrate stories set in Queensland.  After much consultation we have put together three lists of books in print that met our criteria. The sections are Older Readers, Younger Readers and Picture Books. Not all picture books are aimed at Early Childhood Readers.

The task is to read as many books from the list as you can, then vote for the one that you feel best defines Queensland. You may vote for only one book in a section but you may vote in more than one section.  You may vote as an adult or as a young person.

You need to record your vote by the 31st July 2012.  The results of the voting will be announced on Saturday 25th August. Event information will be advertised on this blog in the future.

To register your vote online go to the Ipswich City Council library website 

You may also fill in a form and leave it at your local public or school library.  If you prefer to post your vote, then send it to The Big Read, 43 John Street, Rosewood 4340.

Schools or public libraries may choose to tally votes from forms that do not have an email address and post them, but please post those who wish to be in the draw for a National Year of Reading prize.  


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