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Book Links Event News for 2017! Renew your membership now to be a part of our stellar year to come!

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Happy New Year!  We hope you had a fantastic Festive Season with family and friends!

2017 is looking to be a stellar year for Book Links, our members, our friends, and children all over the place.  Read on to find out about some of our events and projects for the coming year!

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Romancing the Stars x 3

We are hosting three Romancing the Stars events this year!  Come and speed-date some of Australia’s best, and South East Queensland local, children’s and YA authors and illustrators to find out what they have been, and are, working on!

For information and booking details for the Brisbane Event, click HERE!

For information and booking details for the Gold Coast Event, click HERE!

For information and booking details for the Sunshine Coast Event, click HERE!

Write Links Writing Workshops

We have a full year booked for our Write Links Writing Workshops!  Including paid workshops with Richard Newsome, Kerry Brown, Deborah Abela, and Christine Bongers.  For a full list of all the Workshops for 2017, click HERE!

Narelle Oliver Lecture

Libby Gleeson will be presenting the Narelle Oliver Lecture in Children’s Literature in June, watch our social media and website for more details.

StoryArts Festival Ipswich – Narelle Oliver Exhibition

We are honoured to announce that we will be presenting a comprehensive exhibition of the Late Narelle Oliver’s works in partnership with StoryArts Festival Ipswich.

Travelling Suitcases – DVD’s

We will also be beefing up our Travelling Suitcases to ensure that they are all utilised to their full potential, and we will also be offering DVD’s of all our featured authors and illustrators for sale, watch this space.

The Readers Cup Film – The Children’s Book Council of Australia – QLD Branch

Our friends over at the Children’s Book Council of Australia – QLD Branch have produced a film to tell us all about the Readers Cup.  Read on below, and get involved!

New film produced to promote reading quiz

The Qld Branch of the Children’s Book Council of Australia recently produced a film to promote their state wide competition, The Readers Cup.  The film tracks two teams as they prepare to compete in the Ipswich Region Competition.   Readers Cup attracts nearly 600 teams each year from across Queensland with regions stretching north to Cairns and west to Augathella. Designed to encourage young readers in Years 5-8, the competition has teams of four reading a set of books, then competing against other teams to answer the quiz questions.

Students are challenged to read widely, work collaboratively in a team and continue developing a love of reading. They can compete at regional and state level similar to sporting competitions and meet other students with an equal passion for books.

With 589 teams competing across eighteen regions in June this year, and regional teams taking part in the state finals in September, it equates to around 3000 students reading 15 000 books in 2016. Students attending the finals also have the opportunity to attend Wordplay at The Brisbane Writers Festival, one of the sponsors of the competition.

The website provides information for teams and coordinators, lists regional books, competition dates and sample questions.

Two minute trailer:

Full video (about 20 mins):

The film was funded by CBCA Qld Branch and the Ipswich District Teacher-Librarian Network.  CBCA Qld received funds from Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund.

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Thank you to all of our renewing, and new members, who have joined us for 2016 using our one step online membership service.

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Renew your membership to, or join, Book Links (QLD) Inc. – the Centre for Children’s Literature ONLINE!

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With life becoming increasingly hectic and busy, we figure you need an easier way to join, or renew your membership to, Book Links (QLD) Inc. – the Centre for Children’s Literature.  We now have a one-stop online shop for joining Book Links, and renewing your membership.  Just click HERE to renew your membership, or to join Book Links (QLD) Inc. to ensure you get discounts to Writing Workshops, Romancing the Stars, other events, local book shops, all the Children’s Literature news, and more.

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The 2016 Book Links Annual Lecture in Children’s Literature

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We are pleased to announce that the 2016 Book Links Lecture in Children’s Literature will be presented by the 2016-2017 Australian Children’s Laureate on Thursday, 23rd June.

The Book Links Lecture in Children’s Literature is designed to raise the profile and value of children’s literature and to stimulate discussion and disseminate the results of current research on children’s literature.

What’s on in 2016? Children’s Literature Events Calendar.

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2016 looks to be a very promising year!  Check out the calendar below for all the details of Children’s Literature Events in and around Brisbane, and QLD.


2016 Calendar

#WorldofWalliamsOZ – David Walliams (‘the new Roald Dahl’) – comes to Australia, Brisbane, and ABC 3!




Sydney Writers Festival       David Walliams  Brisbane Powerhouse

HarperCollins Kids          ABC 3

David Walliams at the Brisbane Powerhouse, Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Absolutely wow is all we can say!  Brisbane Powerhouse, HarperCollins Kids Australia, and Sydney Writers Festival, made it possible for Brisbane kids, of all ages, to enjoy David Walliams and Ed Kavalee in conversation.

David Walliams writes junior fiction and picture books, and is so good, that he is being heralded as the next Roald Dahl.  A big claim, yet, it seems applicable.  HarperCollins Kids publishes his books.  Check out the slideshow below of David’s books.  Congratulations to HarperCollins Kids for publishing such wonderful books, by such a phenomenal author.

(on a side note, HarperCollins Kids also publishes Jackie French!  And we are over the moon that she will be launching her Book Links Travelling Suitcase nest Tuesday, as part of National Simultaneous Storytime Celebrations.  Find out more HERE).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Brisbane Powerhouse is an amazing venue, for anything and everything.  Recently they hosted the IRL Digital Festival, which was very well attended.  It seemed to be the past, present, and future of gaming in once place.  And it was free to attend!  The Powerhouse was also the perfect venue for #WorldofWalliamsOZ!

Wallapalooza on ABC 3 this weekend!

So far, two of David Walliams’ books have been made into telemovies.  And thanks to the good folks over at ABC 3, all Australians, young and old, will be able to enjoy these films THIS WEEKEND!

David will be live in the studio on ABC from 5:25pm tonight!  Mr Stink will begin at 6pm.  And tomorrow, Gangsta Granny will begin at 6pm.  So make sure your TV is locked into ABC 3 this, and tomorrow, evening.

The Show

It would take a novel length blog post to do the show justice.  However, we know you’re all a busy bunch, so we’ll try to keep it short.  In fact, where possible, we’ll give you the details in dot points.

We do highly recommend, that if you ever get the chance, go and see David Walliams LIVE!  He is nothing short of inspirational, amazing and phenomenal (and some)!

  • David is SO good at character voices when reading his books!
  • Has a great deal of fun researching.
  • David Walliams plays the Prime Minister in the Mr Stink telemovie. The real Prime Minister is also called David, so some kids are confused about who the real Prime Minister is.

David on his Books

Question – Ed Kavalee – Is The Boy in the Dress autobiographical?”

Answer – David – “I’ve dabbled”.  (His sister used to dress him up & march him down the street in a mauve wedding dress).  “The last time was 3-4 years ago”.

  • Gangsta Granny was somewhat based on his Granny.  He used to think she was boring, as they used to do things like playing scrabble (one of our favourite games for the record).  David’s Granny talked about the Blitz, Granny has really exciting stories to tell.  “As young people, we don’t realise what stories older people have.  We think they’ve always been old”.

The Writing Process

  • If you’re going to write, it’s really good to always have an evil villain.
  • Keep your eyes open, you never know when a good story will pop up.

Question – Ed – Are you reading out loud when you write?

Answer – David – No, I actually act it out, as I come from an acting background in Little Britain.

Stage Adaptations and Film Options

  • Gangsta Granny & Mr Stink have been adapted for the stage.
  • Ratburger & Demon Dentist have been optioned for films!

New Books!

  • David was writing his new book on Tuesday – there are Raj scenes, he is back.  Grandpa’s Great Escape.  Grandpa lives in a Maximum Security Twighlight Zone, and his Grandson attempts to set him free.
  • The Bear Who Went Boo.  A picture books about a naughty little polar bear that annoys everyone.

David Meeting the Queen

David told us that he has met the Queen of England on a few occasions.  He said, that before one meets the Queen, that one is briefed on appropriate etiquette, and what one may or may not do or say.

David told us that he was absolutely itching to ask the Queen, “Have you read Gangsta Granny?”  As well as David, would LOVE to know if she has.

Q&A Session

David and Ed ran a Q&A session at the end of their presentation.  The only complaint that we have, is that adults weren’t allowed to questions.  Well, not really, it was all about the kids, and they really did ask stellar questions.

Here are our favourites from the session:

Q – When you were a kid, how did you feel about writing & acting?

A – Well I loved acting, I was quite a show off

Q – who’s your favourite character?

A – the villains!  The evil dentist witch.

Q – what inspired you to write children’s books?

A – I love reading children’s books.  It’s a great guilty pleasure.  (We completely agree!)

Q – have you ever known a thieving Granny?

A – no.  But it would actually be a great disguise.  If you’re a granny, you don’t look like you’re going to steal anything.

Q – what’s your favourite book that you’ve written?

A – Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone.  I let this woman called J.K. Rowling……. [lots of laughter from the crowd]  Actually, “Mr Stink”.

Q – do you have a good recipe for rat burgers?

A – I’ve never tried one, at least I don’t think I have.

Q – how come all the mothers are dead or split up?

A – at the start of the book, you need the child’s life to be not right.  So the story can make it better.

Q – will you ever set a story in Australia? 

A – I got asked same question in New Zealand.  It’s just easier to say yes (cheeky grin).

Q – where did you get idea for Awful Aunty?

A – I have 3 aunties, and they’re all alive, so it wasn’t based on them…….


World of Walliams Website

Not surprisingly, David Walliams has a spectacular website, check it out HERE!

Now, we must finish, as we have a number of David Walliams books to read this weekend!