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An opportunity, & we need your help! Book Links – The Centre for Children’s Literature & The Cultural Precinct Master Plan

The Queensland Government is consulting the community about upgrading the Cultural Precinct at South Bank. They have developed a Cultural Precinct Master Plan, and now you, as a supporter of Book Links, have the opportunity to tell the Queensland Government how valuable an addition to the Cultural Precinct Book Links – The Centre for Children’s Literature will be.

Why? Queensland needs more Cultural Tourism, and what better than a Dedicated Children’s Space.

The Queensland Government, through Arts Queensland has commissioned Urbis, Cox Rayner and Lord Cultural Resources to develop the Cultural Precinct Master Plan to guide future development and investment in the Cultural Precinct over the next 20 years. Government is now seeking public feedback on the Draft Cultural Precinct Master Plan.

Find out more about the Cultural Centre Master Plan here:

You can also download a summary of the Master Plan here: Cultural Precinct Master Plan – summary

For further information, click here: –

Book Links and the Cultural Centre Master Plan

…as a society, the value we place on the culture of children’s literature is a measure of how much we value children…

We have been involved in the planning and consultation process, and now that members of the public have the opportunity to give their feedback on the Cultural Precinct Master Plan. As supporters of Book Links, we are sure that you would like to get involved in the public consultation process.

To see our submission, done in conjunction with the CBCA (QLD Branch), click here: Book Links concept for South Bank

Beth Green and Jenny Stubbs were invited to a meeting a couple of weeks ago where the invited groups were able to view plans and ask questions.

One planner said that top of the list should be a child centred facility e.g. Children’s Museum. Book Links put in a submission, above, supporting that idea and suggested it be based on celebrating story.

Establishments that currently make up the precinct do NOT support the concept of a separate centre for children. They wish to only cater for children as part of their particular facilities and programs – none of which are about stories or are similar to programs that could be run at a centre designed specifically for children.

What exactly is a children’s literature centre?  What can we offer the Cultural Precinct, Queenslanders, tourists and more?

Book Links member Peter Taylor has previously prepared a report on The Seven Stories Children’s Literature Centre in England. It gives great insights into what we could offer at Book Links – the Centre for Children’s Literature. Click here to read Peter’s report (with lots of great photos): Children’s Literature Centres – Seven Stories

 We only have until June 27 to tell the planners what we want!

What can you do to help? Let us help you help us!

If you believe that it would be worthwhile to have a children’s literature centre in a dedicated space, please tell them you would like it built – and persuade parents and friends and their friends, and teachers and everyone to do the same. A couple of sentences will be enough – but you’d like to write more, please tell them how you think it would be good for you, children and for Brisbane. There are some suggestions below. Further down there are links to the online survey, and the email address to send your suggestions to. We encourage you to use some of the points we have outlined below.

We think it’s very important to stress that it should be in its own dedicated building or space.

  • We would like it to be world class and world famous.
  • It would be good for Brisbane as it would attract tourists as well as be popular with local families and schools, and people who want to create books.
  • It would show the world what wonderful books Queensland and Australian authors and illustrators and publishers do create.
  • By sharing their stories, it would help bring understanding and friendship between our citizens from many national backgrounds, and indigenous Australians, engendering multi-culturalism.
  • It would bring stories to life and help children to enjoy them more – spoken stories, written stories and stories with illustrations.
  • Hands-on exhibitions, workshops, talks, drama and storytelling would inspire and encourage people of all ages to read, write, create artwork and tell their own stories, and help them to do so.
  • It would give people an opportunity to view original art and writing by Australian children’s book creators, which is not possible at present.
  • It would be easier to meet authors and illustrators and learn from and be inspired by them.
  • It would assist aspiring and emerging authors and illustrators in developing their craft.
  • The exhibitions could be sent all over Queensland and Australia for wider benefit.

Online Feedback Survey

This survey is quite short, it can take as little as five minutes. We see the most important questions that are relevant to Book Links as the three listed below, make them a top priority.

Q.3 – Interactive Children’s Learning Spaces

Q.4 – Children’s Education and Learning Spaces

Q.5 – Initiatives in the next 5 years – Book Links – The Centre for Children’s Literature

Written Submission or

Might we suggest a letter pleading our cases, especially if you are a ‘specialist’ of some sort e.g. an author, illustrator, teacher, teacher-librarian, parent or even a kid!

Thank you for your support!


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