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STEM in Children’s Literature

Have you ever considered the importance of STEM in children’s books? Well Book Links thinks it’s important and we are doing something about it. Following our AGM on Saturday 17th October at 1:30pm on Level2, State Library of Qld we are holding a panel session on the topic. Everyone is welcome to attend.

High School student enrolment rates and interest in STEM subjects are declining as is student performance in them, with flow on effects to university and beyond.

STEM subjects are essential if we are to successfully address many of the global issues we are currently facing (e.g. climate change). To partially quote Matt Damon “we need to science the shit out of this planet”.

There is an opportunity to give young children a better and earlier introduction to STEM – through story (Why not start at age 4 – Coca Cola does?).

To inform, engage and hopefully inspire people to become involved and make a positive difference.

There is a multidisciplinary opportunity for professionals, professional educators, writers, illustrators, librarians, story tellers and parents to use story to introduce STEM to children at a young age.

Dr Andrew King is a Brisbane based consulting engineer with qualifications in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. He is passionate about the integral role of engineering in environmental management and sustainability and is a Climate Reality Leader.

Sheryl Gwyther is an award-winning author. She writes novels, chapter books, short stories and school plays for children, and Flash Fiction for adults.

Michael Milford is the founding director of the Math Thrills initiative and a QUT Associate Professor, ARC Future Fellow, Microsoft Research Faculty Fellow, and Chief Investigator for the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision.

Megan Daley is passionate about children’s literature and sharing it with young and old alike. Megan is a Teacher Librarian at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School in Queensland.

For more information go to out meetings page.

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