Kids’ Lit Quiz a Hit!

11 teams competed on Saturday in the first ever Kids’ Lit Quiz event in Brisbane.  The teams were tested by Quizmaster Wayne Mills with 100 questions from 10 categories, ranging from Harry Potter to Libraries, Cetaceans to Monsters.  There were book prizes for category winning teams, and cash prizes for individuals, both students and audience members.  It was a fun morning for everyone as we all tried to quietly answer the questions at the same time as the teams, while watching them search their memories and debate which answers to go for.  The answers were accompanied by groans of agony, and the hiss of ecstacy (“Yessssss!”)

Congratulations to the team from Bulimba State School on their win, and to Genesis Christian College for getting second.  Thanks to all the schools and students who entered, and to the families who came along.  Thanks also to the Moreton Bay Region Libraries for their support of the event, which was the beginning of their Children’s Book Week celebrations.  And thanks to the Ipswich Teacher Librarian Network for making Wayne available.

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