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Governor’s speech now available

A copy of the speech the Governor gave at the reception to celebrate the National Year of Reading  and the contribution of Book Links, is now available on Government House’s website.  Here’s the link: 

And here’s a taster:

“Book Links‘ fundamental premise is, after all, that the love of the spoken and written word among children of all ages can be nurtured by providing access to the best stories and the best illustrations – particularly those from Queensland – and through bringing the authors and readers of children’s books closer together.  ReadUp is a very important element in this, and I am pleased today to lend my strong support, as Governor and Patron, to this excellent initiative to encourage all schools and libraries in Queensland to make maximum use of its resources, and to encourage parents, grandparents, and other reading role-models in the community to help young children enter into the spirit of ReadUp and read, read, read! ”

It really was an excellent speech, so I hope you enjoy it.



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