QLD Cultural Precinct Master Plan – Stakeholder Engagement

Arts Queensland is developing a strategic vision and implementation plan to guide development and investment in the Cultural Precinct, South Bank, Brisbane, for the next 20 years.  Community stakeholders are being given the opportunity to have their say in an online surveyThe survey closes on 11 November, 2013.

(Please read the notes below before clicking HERE to participate in the survey).

Supporters of Book Links – the Centre for Children’s Literature have a unique opportunity to participate in developing the future of the QLD Cultural Precinct at South Bank.  We implore you to take the time to fill out the survey, focusing on the importance of including a dedicated Centre for Children’s Literature in the QLD Cultural Precinct.  Please mention that Book Links is an established incorporated association dedicated to setting up such a centre.

Key Points

One of the Master Plan’s Key Foci is to consider the future potential for Cultural Infrastructure and Building Requirements.  We have an opportunity to mention establishing Book Links – the Children’s Literature Centre here.  It is also worth mentioning that there are currently no cultural infrastructures dedicated entirely to children.

The following three points are included in the Guiding Themes for the development of the Cultural Precinct Master Plan.  It is important to refer to these points when giving feedback, and to explain how Book Links – the Centre for Children’s Literature will meet the needs of these guiding themes.

6. Expand Physical Capacity

There is still room for additional facilities in the Cultural Precinct, so there is certainly an opportunity for a physical space to be created for  Book Links – the Centre for Children’s Literature.

7. Engage all Segments of the Community

Though all the current institutions in the Cultural Precinct do cater to children, none are wholly dedicated to children, nor children’s literature.  Book Links – the Centre for Children’s Literature will not only engage children, but schools, families, authors and illustrators, as well as national and international tourists.

8. Widen Relevance

Book Links – the Centre for Children’s Literature will make the Cultural Precinct more relevant for children and families, as well as education providers of all levels.

No doubt there are more points that can be added to the above notes.  Please feel free to expand of what we have mentioned.  Please take the time to participate in the survey and have your say in the future of the QLD Cultural Precinct.  It is through opportunities such as this that organisations such as Book Links – the Centre for Children’s Literature can achieve their goals, and find a long-lasting home to conduct their activities.

Thank you for your time.

4 thoughts on “QLD Cultural Precinct Master Plan – Stakeholder Engagement

  1. Reblogged this on Book Links (Qld) Inc and commented:

    You now have until this Friday to take part in the stakeholder survey for the QLD Cultural Precinct at Southbank. Make sure the government knows how much we need a Children’s Literature Centre!


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