Winner of the 2017 ‘Escape’ Young Writers Competition

An online writing workshop with Jack Heath was held on the 6th of June and delivered with the support of the Brisbane School of Distance Education. The workshop focussed on the CBCA Children’s Book Week theme for 2017, Escape to Everywhere.

Participants were invited to enter a writing competition on the theme. Members of Write Links provided their top 5 from the list of 50 entries and Jack Heath did the final judging.  All judges commented on the high standard of entries.

Most entries in the competition came from schools that participated in the online workshop.

On the evening of Tuesday the 5th of September, Jack Heath gave a talk at Ipswich Grammar School where three of the shortlisted finalists attended and received their prizes from Jack Heath and had their photos taken with him.

“I emphasise that each of these authors has potential.” – Jack Heath

Name         Story                                       School
Jache           Escape From Everywhere     Ipswich West State School

Name         Story                                       School
Jessica         Ant (Escape to Everywhere) Bracken Ridge

Highly Commended
Name         Story                                       School
Jack              Overworld                                Bell State School
Gabrielle     Run. Escape. Live                    Canberra

Name           Story                                       School
Lily                 The tracks of time                  Elermore Vale NSW
Gabrielle       Waiting, Watching                 Canberra
Ayan             Stalling                                      Middle Ridge State School, Toowoomba
Ruby              Ripples                                      Wooloowin
David Bryan Escape into a story                Brisbane
and out of an orphanage
Matilda         Beyond the Gate                      Ashgrove
Charlotte      Escape From the War            Ipswich West State School
Jacklyn         Evil Wizard Empire                Windorah

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