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THE BIG READ … vote for your favourite Queensland book!

As part of National Year of Reading, Book Links Qld is holding The Big Read to celebrate stories set in Queensland.

After much consultation we have put together three lists of books in print that met our criteria.

The sections are Older ReadersYounger Readers and Picture Books. The task is to read as many books from the list as you can, then vote for the one that you feel best defines Queensland (in the three categories). 

You need to record your vote by the 31st July 2012.  The results of the voting will be announced on Saturday 25th August. Event information will be advertised on the Book Links Blog in the future. 

You can vote online or print off a copy of the form. ONLINE VOTING is on the Ipswich City Council library website. Details for printing and post your vote, see below for details.

Older Readers

  1. Michael Bauer – The Running Man – Scholastic
  2. Chris Bongers – Dust – Random House
  3. Nick Earls – 48 Shades of Brown  – Penguin
  4. Steven Herrick – By the River – Allen & Unwin
  5. David Malouf – Johnno – Random House
  6. Meme McDonald and Boori Pryor – The Binna Binna Man – Allen & Unwin
  7. James Moloney – Dougy – UQP
  8. John Danalis  – Riding the Black Cockatoo – Allen & Unwin
  9. Pamela Rushby – When Hipchicks went to war – Hachette
  10. Rebecca Sparrow – The year Nick McGowan came to stay – UQP

 Younger Readers

  1. Jennifer Beck – Crash! The Search for the Stinson– Scholastic
  2. Chris Bongers –  Henry Hoey Hobson – Random House
  3. Fiona Doyle – On Country: Stories of Nyrlotte – UQP
  4. Pat Flynn – Alex Jackson: Grommet – UQP
  5. Pat Flynn –  To the Light – UQP
  6. Sheryl Gwyther – Secrets of Eromanga – Hachette
  7. Kate Hunter –  Parfizz Pitch – Mosquito Advertising – UQP
  8. Meme McDonald and Boori Pryor – My Girragundji – Allen & Unwin
  9. James Moloney –  68 Teeth – Penguin
  10. Trudie Trewin –  Lightning Strikes: Camp Croc – Walker Books

 Picture Books

  1. Jeanie Adams – Pigs and Honey – Scholastic
  2. Jeannie Baker –  Where the forest meets the sea – Walker Books
  3. David Cox –  The Road to Goonong – Allen & Unwin
  4. Justin D’Ath and Mike Spoor – Dinosaur Dreaming – UQP
  5. Sylvia Emmerton and Jaquanna Elliott – My Mob going to the beach – Black Ink Press
  6. Jackie French and Bruce Whatley  – Flood – Scholastic
  7. Clare McFadden –  The Flying Orchestra – UQP
  8. Narelle Oliver – Home – Scholastic    
  9. Boori Monty Pryor and Jan Ormerod – Shake a Leg – Allen & Unwin
  10. Kim Michelle Toft –  One Less Fish – Jam Roll Press/UQP

You may also fill in a form and leave it at your local public or school library.

Picture Stories voting form    Younger Readers voting form
Older Readers voting form

If you prefer to post your vote, then send it to The Big Read, 43 John Street, Rosewood 4340. 

Schools or public libraries may choose to tally votes from forms that do not have an email address and post them, but please post those who wish to be in the draw for a National Year of Reading prize. 

‘Romancing the Stars’ a great success!

Congratulations, to everyone involved in the recent Book Links (Qld) event, ROMANCING THE STARS.

It was a fabulous success, bringing together 31 of Queensland’s children’s authors and illustrators with their supporters … hard-working teacher-librarians, teachers and many from the community who love children’s books.

Queensland authors and illustrators

Author, Josie Montano’s brilliant MC skills (and her hilarious one-liners) carried the night, and our guest speaker, well-known and much-loved author, Nick Earls launched THE NATIONAL YEAR OF READING with aplomb.

Teacher-Librarians and Book Links members

Highlight of the night was SPEED-DATING THE AUTHORS AND ILLUSTRATORS, giving everyone a chance to discover more about their favourite creators and their books, and learning more about those not so well known.

With authors and illustrators, Gregory Rogers, Josie Montano, Narelle Oliver
The Sunde Sisters

Entertainment came from the talented and unique, SUNDE SISTERS (all the way from Croatia) – Angela and Nadia. Their hilarious and clever play on the song, Never on Sunday and their interaction with the audience proved they should add stand-up comedy to their usual repertoire of writing for children, singing and song-writing.

With authors, Sheryl Gwyther, Prue Mason and Kierin Meehan .

The event’s success ensures it will be an annual celebration of Queensland’s children’s writers and illustrators.

The Big Read – National Year of Reading

We want your help.  As part of the National Year of Reading, Book Links is creating a list of children’s books that best define Queensland.  The categories are:

  • Picture Books
  • Younger Readers
  • Older Readers

(similar to the CBCA Awards)

If you have any suggestions of Queensland books that can be incorporated into this list, please email Jenny Stubbs at jstubbs@exemail.com.au with the book title and author.

Criteria: Must be in print, paint a picture of Queensland people and the land in which we live.

Once the list has been compiled, children will be invited to take part in a BIG READ for the National Year of Reading in 2012.