Book Links Reception at Government House

Last night lots of excited Book Links members joined Her Excellency Governor Wensley, at a reception honouring Book Links’ contributions to literacy in Queensland, celebrating the availability of the ReadUp resources, and marking the National Year of Reading. 

There were many special guests in attendance, including librarians, teacher librarians, authors and illustrators, library and Council managers from many local government areas, government representatives, & State Library representatives – and many more people from the broad field of literacy.

Governor Wensley’s speech set the scene beautifully, leading to a lovely evening spent chatting about Book Link’s activities, ReadUp, and literacy.  That speech will be posted here when it is available.  Reception guests were very impressed to hear that at Moreton Bay libraries, 4000 children have joined ReadUp since February, and 3000 of those joined the library to do so. 

If you aren’t familiar with the ReadUp resources, head over to our Resources page, and check them out.  They are available for free, for use by any library or school who wishes to, courtesy of Book Links and Moreton Bay Region Libraries. 

If you were there, please post a comment and let us know what you thought.


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