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What You Need to Know


The registration desk opens at 8am outside Auditorium 2. Tickets include morning tea and lunch on Saturday only. Meals not provided Sunday.


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Most of our presenters are staying at West End Central Apartments. Anyone else, can book via their website using the code – BOOKLINKS –  in the promo code section – this will give a 5% discount.

Live Pitch Critique

Any conference attendees wishing to participate in the live pitch critique session at the festival should prepare a pitch where your name, manuscript title, word count, genre, and  pitch should not exceed 100 words.

Pitch Before you Send Your Manuscript for Feedback

We are doing things a little differently this year at StoryArts Brisbane.

In addition to submitting your manuscripts for feedback, we are giving you the option to query first. This option to query before you submit will mean your chosen editor or agent can choose which manuscript they are most interested in reviewing for your feedback appointment. This is an optional process. You will not be disadvantaged in any way if you don’t take part in this additional step.

If you wish to book an individual session with an editor or agent with one completed manuscript or picture book(s) in mind, please skip the Query First Process and submit your manuscript and accompanying information to as per the ‘Submission’ instructions further below.

Query First Process.

If you have more than one completed manuscript, or more than two picture books, you have the option to let your agent or editor choose which manuscript(s) they would like to give feedback on. You can submit query pitches for up to five different manuscripts and/or picture books. These are in the style of a twitter pitch. The choices you provide your editor or agent can be in the same or multiple genres. For example, you may wish to put forward one chapter book and two picture books. The editor or agent can then either select your chapter book or your two picture books.

We strongly suggest that your query pitches are from completed manuscripts. Once the editor or agent receives your queries, they will choose which one or ones of most interest. You will then send your manuscript, query letter and synopsis for the manuscript that was chosen by your booked agent or editor.

To send your query pitches, please fill out the google form that will be sent after you make your booking.

Once we notify you which manuscript(s) to send, please send your submission files and to as per the Submission instructions outlined below.


For picture book – please send two complete manuscripts and a single spaced query letter.

For a chapter book, middle grade or YA novel – please send the first two chapters of your manuscript, a one page single spaced synopsis and query letter.

All submissions documents should be uploaded as Microsoft Word document attachments. Please place your query letter into the body of the email with a subject of your editor or agent name followed by your name. Send your query letter and submission documents to:

Your submission should comply with the following formatting standard:

  • 12 point font in Times New Roman or Arial fonts
  • Left margin alignment
  • Double space
  • Manuscript name, author name and page number in the header of each page
  • A 1-inch or 1.25-inch margin on each page. This is the default for Microsoft word.
  • A picture book manuscript should include name, address, email and website address if you have one on the first page justified left. An accurate word count should appear at the top right of the first page. Leave a few lines and include your full picture book manuscript.
  • Chapter books, middle grade and YA manuscript samples should include a title page with book title, approximate word count, author name centred in the middle of the page. The address and contact information should be in the top left hand corner.
  • Synopsis should be single spaced on no more than one page.
  • Query letters should be single spaced and one page where possible. Please include your query letter in the body of your submission email to StoryArts (see below).
  • Illustrations should be sent in a separate attached file – please do not send originals.
  • Manuscript submissions should be included in a single word document. They should be formatted as follows: Page 1 – synopsis, Page 2 and on – story text extract. For a picture book submission: Page 1 – and on – two full picture book manuscripts.
  • Please label your submission file <editor or agent name> _ < your name>.doc   e.g.SarahDavis_MelvinMarshall.doc

Please send your submission documents to by attaching them via email. Only Microsoft Word documents please or pdf. Please place your query letter in the body of the email and use a subject of editor or agent name followed by your name

Important Dates

Query pitches due 24 August, 2019 (if participating). Please email query pitches to

Manuscript submission documents for editor and agent appointments due 7 September, 2019. Please email submission documents to

This program is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

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